Diyarbakir: The Best Damn Turkish in Town

Green Lanes in North London is to Turkish food what Kingsland Road in Hoxton is to Vietnamese – an endless string of restaurants with very little discernable difference between them. But hunt and you shall find a diamond in the rough. This diamond is Diyarbakir, my favorite Turkish place in London, and not only because it’s 3 feet from my front door.

It’s my favourite because of the warm complimentary bread and cacik (a yogurt dip mixed with mint and cucumber) that are brought to your table swiftly. Often times I have to repeatedly slap my own hand away for fear of overconsumption before even ordering. It’s my favourite because anything that comes off their charcoal grill is particularly scrumptious, especially the adana kebab (minced lamb with spices) and the chicken shish kebab (cubed marinated chicken). And because the salad that comes with it is so fresh and clean, doused in lemon, pomegranate syrup and olive oil.

It’s number one in my book because everything is so simple, yet so flavourful and I don’t feel dirty after eating it, I actually feel healthy. Plus £5 for a take-away dinner that leaves me stuff to the brim? Yes, Diyarbakir, yes.


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