Good Reads: Alexandra Shulman in the Observer

Finally managed to read the Observer – a day late – but hey ho. There was an excellent profile on the editor of British Vogue, Alexandra Shulman.

Descriptive but not overbearingly so, the conversation meandering to the unexpected with great quotes (I’d be far too intimidated to ask anyone about vajazzling), Elizabeth Day really captures her subject.

I’d like to write something like this one day.

Some choice quotes below, read the rest here.

Alexandra Shulman…

On Panic Attacks: “I’m sort of aware of a vulnerability to it. I have Xanax which I take everywhere with me in case it happens – it’s like my lucky charm.”

On Success: “Um, I’m very happy. Yes, I’m sure I’m a success.” Pause. “But it doesn’t feel that way to me.”

On Vajazzling: “I’m just so pleased I’m not a young woman now. I feel very grateful that, at the time I started having sex with men, I didn’t even have a bikini wax and men were lovely. Now I just think: how terrifying to be a 20-year-old and feel that you’ve got to be perfect and hairless and immaculate and that it’s really awful. I just – eurgh – I would never have got undressed.”



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