SHOP GHOST by Stevie Dance

Collage by SHOP GHOST

She burns incense and waters her plants. She dreams about road trips across America. She is a dreamer. She is Stevie Dance and she has a new website, Shop Ghost, a commerce e-zine, a labour of love, and the new best place on the internet to spend hours whiling away.

SHOP GHOST is about how subcultures create shopping trends, how we invest in ourselves, how we stalk ideas online, what we buy but never wear, what we want to recommend and why.

There are some people out there who you just want to be. Or at least know how they tick.  Dance, former editor of Russh, current contributing editor to Oyster, stylist extraordinaire and all around cool girl is someone I would like to know, and Shop Ghost feels like a more personal insight into the her mind. Dance identifies herself as a storyteller more than just a stylist, and with the homemade collages and interviews with other creatives, it shows. Go quick, and see what all the fuss is about.


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